Book Synopsis

If you are a woman, professional, single mom or entrepreneur chasing your dreams and stepping out on faith to build a business, but doing it scared ... you HAVE TO READ this book!

Too often we let the voices of other people dictate what success is for us....NO MORE! It’s time to start living life bold and free from what others think. The time is NOW to make confident decisions and chase your dreams to create a life of fulfillment. It’s time for you to define and design, not just your success, but your UNSHAKABLE success and this book will set you on the right path. 

Nerissa’s seven-step guide is the blue print you need. It will instruct you on what it takes to overcome your fears and self-doubt in order to take action and create YOUR success.

About the Author

Nerissa Malloy

Success Coach

Nerissa Malloy was a teen mom at age 17 and overcame all odds from being voted “least likely to succeed” and teased in middle school, to gang affiliations, wanting to feel accepted, low self-esteem, and other teen struggles. Despite all odds and graduating from high school pregnant, she pressed her way through raising a baby, working, and attending school to pursue her dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse. Nerissa later stepped into entrepreneurship where she empowers young ladies and women entrepreneurs across the world to develop the right mindset to attract and achieve the success they desire.

Nerissa resides in Maryland with her husband and together they have 6 kids. She founded SweetzGirlz, a national non-profit organization that equips young girls with the tools for success , continues to work in healthcare leadership, and is an active ministry worker. 

She also devotes her time to the community by serving on the board of Bethany Christian Services, a non-profit which serves children and families in the Maryland & D.C. region.